NPHT President:   Alan Vessey



Vice President:      -



NPHT Officers:

  Roy L Gasson             Chairman

  David Williams          ACTING Secretary

  Alastair Ure-Reid       Treasurer
















Please contact the following people if you require information / have a query about a specific subject area:

  Alan Vessey                  President

  Clive Boothman            Napier Vehicles

  Roy Gasson                   Napier Aero

  Nigel Paine                   Napier Deltic Engine and applications/Trust Archivist

  John Street                    Napier Personnel & Apprentice List

  Clen Tomlinson            Engine Models / Modelling


Please E-mail us here outlining your enquiry:


Napier Heritage News and Website Editor:

Nigel Paine


                                   NPHT is a registered Educational Charity No.  1053078

  NPHT Membership Secretary

     John Street

     97 Oakhurst Gardens


     West Sussex

     BN16 3AN



  NPHT Secretary  (ACTING)

    David Williams







The Napier Power Heritage Trust Committee

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Executive Committee:

  Ian Arlidge     Co-opted Member

  Clive Boothman

  Matthew Killner

  Nigel Paine     Editor Napier Heritage News & Webmaster

  John Street

  Clen Tomlinson

  David Williams         Minutes Secretary

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