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Concurrently with the development of the Sabre V, a modified version of the same engine, but incorporating a gear driven cooling fan in the nose for use with nose radiators, was developed and designated the Series VI engine.  A small number of engines were built for flight trials in Hawker Tempest and Vickers Warwick aircraft at Napier’s Flight Development Establishment at Luton Airport.


In the summer of 1945 tests commenced using water/methanol injection to increase the power rating with standard fuel.  These tests were entirely successful and the Series VII (E121) engine was evolved.  This strengthened and improved engine, incorporated many refinements including an improved axial-flow air inlet bend.  Later in 1945 it also completed a type-test at a take-off rating of 3,000 B.H.P. and a combat rating of 3,055 B.H.P, at 2,250 ft. altitude.


The Hawker Fury was the next development after the Hawker Typhoon and Tempest.  Hawker Fury Prototype LA610 was fitted with a Napier Sabre VII to become the fastest piston-engined Hawker aircraft after reaching a speed of around 485 mph (780 km/h).


The Sabre VIII (E122) Series engine of higher boost with 2 stage 3 speed Supercharger, contra rotating propellers and fan drive engine capable of 3,350 B.H.P.



Testimony is given to the development in the Sabre design by the power/weight ratio figures. The Series I had a ratio of 1.155 lbs. per B.H.P.  This was improved to 0.992 lbs. per B.H.P. for the Series IIC and, with the advent of the Series VII the ratio was further reduced to only 0.831 lbs. per B.H.P.  The maximum permissible boost figures also rose by 10¼ lbs. from the original value of 7 psi to 17¼ psi.  The rise in power output and performance is the more remarkable when it is remembered that the development covered a period of only 10 years, 5 of which the engines were in full production in wartime conditions.


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Sabre VA Cutaway Drawing
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Sabre VA Engine Front
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Sabre VA Engine Rear
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